Redlands College (Wellington Point): iPad roll out for years 9 and 11 Teachers and Students

Hi all,

We have successfully rolled out just under 400 iPads to Students and Teachers in Years 9 & 11. Part of the roll out was creating a website that provides detailed information in relation to the iPad programme at Redlands College for teachers, students and parents, covering goals/ rationale, set-up,  support and a news forum to name a few. 

Feel free to visit the Redlands College iPad Programme Portal at:


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Comment by Dale Lopez on April 20, 2011 at 3:56pm

Hi Jo,

Thanks for your comment. After the 2 year period we will be asking for the iPad back for possible redeployment around the school (9-12) or storage until the 4 yr period is up. Mobile technologies are improving at such a rate that we believe for students to be using an iPad that is 3- 4 years old we would be disadvantaging our students, hence the change every 2 years.

We also have a number of laptops purchased with the 1:1 funding that is used by all students in yrs 9-12 but stay at school in trolleys (used 1:1 but not owned by a single student). In 4 years time we will have to show we have ownership of these devices and the iPads. We are in the process of looking at different options as to how we refresh the iPad/mobile devices every 2 years. 


I hope this clarifies/makes sense as to what we are doing.

Comment by Jo Schaefer on April 20, 2011 at 3:19pm

Hi Dale,

Thanks for all of your great info on your ipad trial which has been very useful.  Just a quick question in relation to funding and ownership.  These ipads have been purchased with your Govt 1:1 funding.  As far as I know the funding for devices purchased has to last 4 years.  I noticed your website said they will be handed back after the Apple support expired (2 years).  Do you have a device "refresh" plan in place yet?  Will you ask the parent to purchase another device at the end of the 2 years?  Will this breach terms of your funding.  Sorry to get bogged down with funding issues....


Well done on your successful roll out!



Comment by Dale Lopez on March 21, 2011 at 10:05am

Hi Deon and Louise,
To answer your questions (see previous comments below) and comment on our iPad Teacher training/support,

I agree, Reeldirector is a brilliant app.

PDF Expert- when we were looking at Apps, late last year, PDF Expert was $4.99. Everyone agreed is was the pick of the PDF Apps, but it wasn't until a fortnight or so before our “Out of the Box “ session (week 1 term 1)   we found the price had gone up, so we decided to ditch another app and keep PDF Expert. It is at this stage one of the most used apps.

Access other devices- students have access to dedicated computer labs as well as laptops on trolleys that travel around the school.

Funding- we used the 1:1 Fed Gov money for the 9 & 11 iPads

Teacher training- Definitely, teacher training is THE big issue…. I am in the fortunate position of being the full-time, ICT in Learning Coordinator. This position targets the provision of ICT training and pedagogical support for teaching staff when and where they need it. Being available when and where teachers need access to PD etc. I am able to provide PD that is personalized, learner-centered, flexible, strategic, and hopefully effective and empowering. By providing customized instructional support and best instructional practice for teachers, student learning can be transformed and enhanced. My role sees me working one-on-one with staff, small group training sessions, working with curriculum leaders and attending subject meetings to implementing iPads into day-to-day teacher practices. I have also found a 15min showcase/ iPad sharing during staff meetings gets teachers thinking and asking questions about the iPad.


Looking forward to this years Slide2learn conference to hear what others are doing in relation to iPads...

Comment by Louise Duncan on March 20, 2011 at 10:25pm

Yes, I agree Deon. Teacher training is THE big issue. I have seen teacher training being well resourced at places like ESSA academy in Bolton, UK, Holy Spirit School in San Jose, Lilydale Heights SC in Melbourne. They have either employed a full time staff to support 1 to 1 laptop or mobile programs, or arranged for a block of time during the week where students are not at school (Eg A Friday afternoon) and teachers attend in school PD and share their growing knowledge.

I have had to give up managing eLearning at my school this year, with only 5 periods a week to implement the program and provide teacher training for the whole school. What I was seeing was teachers not knowing how to implement technology and kids not bringing their devices to school as a result.

What good teacher support stories are out there in the Slide2Learn community?


Comment by Deon Scanlon on March 20, 2011 at 6:51pm



Great to see ReelDirector on your list of apps! I love it!


Surprised that you went for PDF Expert at $12.99 over GoodReader ($5.99) - unless you use lots of PDF forms.


Do the kids have access to other devices (laptops, desktops etc)? Sorry if your website answers this - I haven't read it all.


Where did the funding for this come from? Is it from Fed Govt 1:1 funds?


What have you spent on teacher training? This is a big issue, I think. If not THE big issue!

Comment by Cameron Lockie on February 16, 2011 at 7:32am
Thanks for sharing, great info for parents.
Comment by Jonathan Nalder on February 4, 2011 at 11:10am
Thanks for sharing this Dale - those pile of iPad boxes is something else. Very interested to know how they go over time in the classrooms also...

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