2016 Workshops

More sessions will appear on this page as they come to hand.  Session selection usually occurs a week before the conference.

Note: sessions are listed in alphabetical order, based on session TITLE.

Each description has two indicators at the end:

  • Focus area - grouped broadly into: F-2, 3-6, 7-10, 11-12, post-secondary, and teacher skills
  • User level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) - refers to the required level of YOUR skill, as far as using iPads goes

We reserve the right to change the program and workshops, if need arises.

A Principal's Perspective - How to roll out a 1:1 iPad program in your school. 

Presenter: Gavin Rick & Kevin Browning

Focus area: F-12, Teachers, Tertiary

User Level: Beginner - Advanced

Modern learners require access to technology anywhere, anytime and with anyone. In order to accomplish this monumental feat, a number of key components needed to be accomplished before devices get into the hands of learners. In this workshop two Principals will share their different journeys not only towards 1:1 iPad classrooms but the tips and tricks that keep the program running successfully.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and QR Codes

Presenter: Nathan Jones

Focus area: F-12

User Level: Beginner

Apps: Chromeville, Quiver - 3D Coloring App

Mobile devices can do amazing things! Find out how Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and QRCodes can engage students in your classroom and their learning. This hands on workshop will focus on the use of a mobile device and demonstrating how Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and QR Codes have been implemented in a classroom. In sharing this wonderful technology, the workshop will focus on how to effectively use and integrate Augmented Reality into teaching and learning that will engage students. You will see creativity come to life via a mobile device.

Challenge Based Learning in the Primary & Secondary Classroom. 

Presenter: Adele Brice and Rachel Cureton

Focus area: 3-6, 7-10

User Level: Beginner

Want to know more about Challenge Based Learning?
Adele and Rachel have a wealth of knowledge and will share with you what Challenge Based Learning looks like in a Primary and Secondary context. They will also share how tools like the iPad can support the transformation of learning experiences for your students.

Designing Learning Experiences with iTunes U

Focus area: Teachers

User Level: Beginner

Apps: iTunes U

iTunes U enables educators and students in a 1:1 iPad environment a personalised learning experience through seamless workflows and a variety of content and connected learning experiences. Content from the iTunes stores (App store, Book store, iTunes U and iTunes) can be curated alongside your own material (presentations, worksheets, videos etc.) to provide students with a clear learning pathway.

The workshop will be focused on taking your great curriculum plan and transforming it even further using iTunes U. The workshop will be combination of inspiration, skill-building, and project time.

Draw Your Own Illustrations, Clipart & Avatars

Presenter: Tony Vincent

Focus area: 3-12, Tertiary, Teachers

User Level: Beginner - Advanced

Apps: Adobe Illustrator Draw

You and your students could be drawing your own illustrations, clipart, and avatars! Tony Vincent has examples to showcase and techniques to demonstrate for creating your own artwork, even if you don't consider yourself an artist. Tony's technique is based on tracing photos, so don't worry if you tend to be embarrassed by your drawing skills. This session features the free Adobe Illustrator Draw app, and the techniques can be applied when using other drawing apps.

Engaging students through device based film making 

Presenter: Bethany Dutton

Focus area: 3-12, Teachers

User Level: Beginner - Advanced

Apps: ComicLife, FilmicPro, Pinnacle Pro, ActionFX, Super Power FX, Simple Mind

This workshop caters for both primary and secondary students. It will include a discussion of how the St Andrew's Catholic College media teachers have used a range of equipment including a device called an iOgrapher to engage students in creative storytelling and media production.

Gamification using Classcraft

Presenter: Trevor Milevskiy

Focus area: F-12, Teachers

User Level: Beginner

Apps: Classcraft

During this session you will be introduced to Classcraft through a simulated classroom. You will be immersed into the game to see how the students would use the game. Once you have played the game you will then take a look at how to organise the game for you to use in your classroom. You will also see how it has been used in my classroom.

According to the Classcraft website, "Classcraft is a free online, educational role-playing game that teachers and students play together in the classroom. By using many of the conventions traditionally found in games today, students can level up, work in teams, and earn powers that have real-world consequences. Acting as a gamification layer around any existing curriculum, the game transforms the way a class is experienced throughout the school year.

Hands on social media

Presenter: Kate Maccoll

Focus area: 3-12, Parents, Tertiary, Teachers

User Level: Beginner

Part of the reason children & adults get into so much trouble with social media is because it is abstract and they don't really understand how it works.

This session focuses on key concepts relating to Digital Citizenship - digital footprints, sharing content, removing content and the impact of negative content.

In this session you will move through a series of hands-on activities that can help make the abstract into something concrete. Experience the activities you can run with your students, teachers or parents and hear the hints on tips on how to get the best out of the activities.

This session is based on the concept of Digital Citizenship.

Having fun with your iPad in the Primary Classroom

Presenter: Adele Brice

Focus area: F-6

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Apps: Book Creator, Camera on iPad, iMovie

This will be a hands on workshop. Participants will be involved in making something and using the iPad to enhance the learning experience.

Having a (robotic) ball with Sphero 

Presenter: Jenni Fewtrell

Focus area: F-10

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Apps: Macrolab, Lightning Lab, Tickle (new version), Sphero

The Sphero robotic ball is lots of fun on many levels.  Use apps on your mobile device to control Sphero in real time or use them to pre-program it.  Teachers can develop student higher order thinking skills through collaborative lessons and challenges.

iBooks Author: Inside and Out

Presenter: Steve Papp & Liz Shenstone

Focus area: F-10

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Apps: iBooks Author (Mac)

The Multi-Touch book workshop will explore the use iBooks Author to support authentic mobile learning aimed at the 21st Century learner.

This workshop will provide the skills for teachers to create engaging interactive texts and explore the pedagogy behind the use of mobile technology both inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers will be introduced to good design principles and techniques to create visually engaging multimodal texts that are user friendly and easily accessible.

During the session participants will create a digital book to support classroom learning in variety of curriculum areas.

iPad Workflows

Focus area: F-12, Tertiary, Teachers

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate

An iPad Workflow is where a number of apps are used throughout a lesson to achieve a learning outcome. This session will cover a variety of apps to create meaningful workflows for student learning.

Make an Online TV Show with just your iPad

Presenter: Lois Smethurst

Focus area: F-6, Teachers

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate

User Level: iMovie, Doink Green Screen App (or equivalent), Google Drive 

In this workshop you will learn how to create an online TV show and experience the different stages of producing a show. With your iPad and 3 basic apps, Google Docs, a Green Screen App and iMovie (or their equivalent) you will have the opportunity to create a short TV program.

The Online TV show is a perfect vehicle for students to create media with an authentic purpose and for a genuine audience. Students become experts at using many aspects of technology while developing language skills and presentation skills. A great way to connect classes across the school and have the students involved in purposeful presentations.

In this session you will gain practical skills to create an Online TV show as well as get an insight in how to set up supporting resources for teachers new to the process.

Mobile Making Creative Tool Kit

Presenter: Cathy Hunt

Focus area: 3-6, Teachers

User Level: New users welcome!, Beginner, Intermediate

Apps: MegaPhoto (free), Replay (free), Foldify, Let's Create Pottery Lite (free)

Suitable for:

  • Primary Generalist Teachers
  • Primary and Middle School Teachers in all subject areas
  • Creative, Visual and Media Arts Teachers
  • ICT Teachers/Leaders and School Leaders


This super-session will provide you with confidence, tools and tactics to enhance creativity, visual literacy and divergent thinking using mobile devices for learning in your creative classroom. Full of apps, lesson ideas and concrete examples from real classrooms, this course is a lot of fun and very hands-on. We’ll mix paint and pixels to generate explore abstraction, use reflected images to create kaleidoscopes, look at strategies for spacial visualisation, and more. Want more? Well, you’ll have to come to the workshop! Be prepared for a high-energy, app-tacular!

Key concepts:

  • Designing lessons with technology that extend on your classroom tasks for practical, rich learning experiences you can implement successfully
  • Understanding and utilizing a 'learn by play' mindset for serious learning
  • Instructional design for technology – strategies for engagement and management in the classroom
  • Attaining mastery by trialing processes virtually - the power of 'undo'
  • Creating opportunities for digital failure in the classroom - empowering students with choices and confidence
  • Exploring tasks with 'endless possibilities' for content creation - using an inquiry model, exploring the creative process, revealing tools for ideation and enhancing divergent thinking
  • Documenting and reflecting on learning journeys, as they happen – folios, sharing work and presenting reflective journals
  • Identifying opportunities to incorporate digital tools in learning programs and evaluating their success

New features of iOS 9.3 

Focus area:  Teachers

User Level:  Beginner - Advanced

This workshop will explore new features of iOD 9.3 including Classroom App, Shared iPad, Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs.  

One, More, Many!

Presenter: Gayleen Jackson

Focus area: F-6, Teachers

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate

User Level: Camera, Notes, Learning Tools, ChatterKid, SnapType, Aviary, Poppet, Maps, WordClouds, PicPlayPost, PicCollage, Sock Puppet, WordMover, Book Creator

One, More or Many! In classrooms all over the country teachers are facing various challenges when trying their best to practice their pedagogy in a digital classroom.  Sometimes the wifi isn't working, maybe there is only one teacher owned iPad or a small bank of iPads.  Sometimes some of the students have an iPad or all students in the class have iPads.  Which is your classroom?

During this session we will investigate ways of keeping the students engaged even if you only have one iPad.  From personal experience working in various classrooms over the past three years even a single iPad can make a difference.  Let's have some fun investigating curriculum ideas and how they can be presented in the classroom.

Producing Powerful (and Pretty) Infopics

Presenter: Tony Vincent

Focus area: 3-12, Tertiary, Teachers

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Apps: Autodesk Pixlr, Phonto, Snapseed, Typorama

An infopic is a photo with text layered on top that is designed to communicate a message. Infopics can help us process, remember, and convey information in an appealing way. Some are simple while others are enhanced with awesome photography effects. An infopic's message might be a summary, quote, definition, notes, data, weblink, or other informational tidbits. The information might come from an excursion, workshop, activity, lesson, video, book, a conversation, etc. See loads of examples and learn about apps, websites, and techniques that teachers and students can use for making their own infopics.

Reaching All Learners: iOS for diverse learning needs

Presenter: Craig Smith

Focus area: F-6, Teachers

User Level: Intermediate

Apps: Book Creator, Toca Life: School

Craig believes the foundational goal for all educators is to have the right tools to be able to reach all learners. In this session, participants will learn four key strategies that use iPad to engage diverse learners in the classroom. The strategies relate to the four elements Craig outlines in his new essay, 'Kindness Savant Will Pixelate':

  1. Getting to know the students we are working with;
  2. To consider the nature of accessibility and universal design in the classroom;
  3. To engage the qualities of The Edutaining Behaviour Detective; and
  4. To utilise the special interests of our students to enhance classroom accessibility and success beyond school.

The apps Toca Life: School and Book Creator will be used to allow participants to create a resource, a 'School Instruction Manual' (SIM), across the workshop.

RE-engage, Re-ignite your RE Classroom

Presenter: Jacinta and Kevin Browning

Focus area: F-12, Teachers, Tertiary

User Level: Beginner

Apps: Chatterpics kid, Google slide, Shadow puppet edu, Draw pad, Word cloud Pixlr, Typorama, Legend app (iphone),, Tellagami free, Compare n Constrast, Book creator, Good news Bible for kids, Padlet, quiver.

As technology becomes a greater part of everyday life, it is only natural that it becomes a central and essential part of 21st century learning.  Learners are already engaging extensively with technology in other subject areas and expect it to be used also in the RE classroom.  This workshop will provide insight into how mobile technology applications (offered by the iPad) can be used by teachers of RE, highlighting opportunities for RE teachers to extend subject pedagogy linked to RE guidelines and ICT skills.

Stop Motion - It's easy (no really), so do it now!

Presenter: Cathy Hunt

Focus area: F-12, Teachers, Tertiary

User Level: Beginner

Apps: iMotion (free)

Primary Generalist Teachers
Primary and Middle School Teachers in all subject areas
Creative, Visual and Media Arts Teachers
ICT Teachers/Leaders and School Leaders

Stop-motion is EASY on an iPad! In 45 minutes we will show you how to create exciting, collaborative clips with your students using paper, PlayDoh, and lots more. If you’ve never used stop-motion in the classroom, this is your chance to explore how, and talk about why. Cathy will have you making movies on the spot, and laughing as you learn. You’ll take away lesson ideas and strategies for success. Most importantly, all the resources you’ll receive will give you the confidence to give it a go in your classroom.

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