2015 Workshops

More sessions will appear on this page as they come to hand.  Session selection usually occurs a week before the conference.

Note: sessions are listed in alphabetical order, based on session TITLE.

Each description has two indicators at the end:

  • Focus area - grouped broadly into: F-2, 3-6, 7-10, 11-12, post-secondary, and teacher skills
  • User level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) - refers to the required level of YOUR skill, as far as using iPads goes

We reserve the right to change these workshops, if need arises.

21st Century Fluencies 

Presenter:   Andrew Churches

Focus area:  F-6

User Level:  Beginner
This workshop introduces the 21st century fluencies - solution, information, media, collaboration,& creativity fluencies and the overarching concept of global digital citizenship. In a practical hands-on mode we will work through a simple fluency based project, linking clear roles, processes and procedure.

"A day in the life of an online classroom"

Presenter:   Greg Dwyer

Focus area:  F-6

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

Apps:          Google Drive, google forms, iDoceo, Edmodo, QR Codes, Brainstorm, Choose Now

Come and see how you can use your iPad as a classroom behaviour management  tool, as well as using it to give formative feedback, gather evidence from your children, record & maintain evidence.  Delve into classroom collaborative learning, as well as use web based applications to make your teaching easier.

Apps we will explore (these apps are not compulsory) will be Google Drive, Google forms, iDoceo, Edmodo, QR Codes, Brainstorm, Choose Now.

Appmazing Race - experience it!

Presenter:   Terry Jacka & Janelle Maurer

Focus area:  F-12, Tertiary, Teachers

User Level:   Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
In this team based activity, presented as a competition, teams will use iPads to do a series of tasks. In the process of being involved; team members will not only learn new iPad skills, but also learn skills such as teamwork, collaboration, communication, delegation,
Ignite, excite and inspire your staff. We will present a model for a Professional Development experience to challenge your whole staff. As winners of the Appmazing Race at iPapalooza 2014, Aus-tin, Texas - we are excited to share our experience and give attendees the opportunity to participate in a mini Appmazing Race. You will see how you can transfer this challenging event to your staff and your students, as we have done.
Plus, we guarantee this to be unlimited amounts of fun - great for staff bonding! planning and resilience.

App Smashing to Boost Collaboration and Innovation (A Practical Guide)

Presenter:   Brett Salakas

Focus area:  F-10, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Apps:          Google Drive
This  will be a fun, creative, high energy session where participants will learn how to use a variety of digital tools together and be able to create, take, and use them from the workshop in their own school communities.
App Smashing is basically the act of using multiple digital tools, or apps, to achieve a creative goal. Be it a research project or a digital story, these days, it takes more than one app or web tool to effectively accomplish a complicated or creative task.  So, whether you are using them on your laptop, your tablet or your phone, it’s important to know, and to know how to guide others, in smashing a few good apps.

BYOD: Multi-platform App Compatibility in the Classroom

Presenter:   Kate Bridge

Focus area: 3-10, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Apps:           Googledrive (iOS/Android), Google Docs (iOS/Android), Google Sheets (iOS/Android), Evernote (iOS/Android), iAnnotate PDF (Android)

Have you ever tried to open an assignment from a student and found that you can't because of the file format?
This session will teach you how to find work-arounds to those annoying communication problems that can occur when you have a range of different devices in the classroom. We will also look at a variety of applications that do the same thing over a number of device types that you can recommend to your students.

This is a hands on session and will be tailored to your specific needs. If you decide to attend you are encouraged to email a description of the types of problems you are encountering in your classroom to to ensure more personalised learning experience.

Challenge Based Learning

Presenter:    Adele Brice

Focus area:  P-6

User Level:   Beginner

Apps:           Word Art, Showbie, Popplet, Book Creator
Interested in knowing more about how Challenge Based Learning can work in an primary classroom? Adele will share what a term can look like with CBL & how tools like the iPad can support the transformation of learning experiences for your students. If you don't already have the following apps, make sure you download Popplet (paid version), Book Creator and Showbie.

Classroom Creativity with Adobe Comp CC

Presenter:   Trevor Milevskiy

Focus area: Teachers

User Level:  Beginner

Apps:           Adobe Comp CC along with the following:- Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Lightroom for mobile, Adobe Color CC, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Shape CC, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Adobe Illustator Line and if possible an Adobe Creative Cloud membership.

In this session, Trevor will take you through the apps that are available from Adobe, in particular the Adobe Comp CC and how it can be used to enhance the classroom experience for both the teacher and student. The emphasis will be on the creation of classroom activities that can be used to augment the student’s creativity. By the end of the sessions you will have a basic understanding of the app and will have created at least one (1) activity for your classroom.

The session will be a hands on, so you will need to bring your creativity and be prepared to put into action what you will learn. At the end of the session there will be time to share the material that you have worked on during the period. So come along and learn an app that will help you in the classroom no matter what year level you work with.

More information about the Adobe Apps can be found at

Coding - as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Presenter:    Jenny Ashby 

Focus area:  F-2

User Level:   Beginner
In this session Jenny will have you coding and enjoying coding.  You'll have "Ah ha!" moments as Jenny starts with hands on coding via the use of beebots and then goes to iPads for more coding difficulties.  Once you know how coding works you can reach for the sky.  We'll get into Hopscotch, Cargo-Bot, Daisy the Dinosaur and Move the Turtle. Participants will leave as coding ninjas looking for their next challenge!

Connect and Engage ALL learners

Presenter:   Magdalene Mattson

Focus area: F-6

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Apps:          Canva, Kahoot (available on android only), IXL Maths, Periscope, Matific, Showme, Adobe Voice, GUM, Meme Creator

What ways can students be more involved and more engaged in their learning? This session will give a range of practices and resources that will engage students (of a range of capabilities) in their learning, while connecting them with other teachers, classes and the world and nurturing their creativity. Second part of the session will include ways iPads can be used to help students with a range of special needs.

Creating an Online Television Show with your iPad

Presenter:   Lois Smethurst

Focus area: 3-10

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Apps:          iMovie or equivalent Android App

In this workshop you will learn how to create an online TV show and experience the different stages of producing a show. With your iPad and 3 basic apps, Google Docs, a Green Screen App and iMovie (or their equivalent) you will have the opportunity to create a short TV program.
The Online TV show is a perfect vehicle for students to create media with an authentic purpose and for a genuine audience. Students become experts at using many aspects of technology while developing language skills and presentation skills. A great way to connect classes across the school and have the students involved in purposeful presentations.
In this session you will gain practical skills to create an Online TV show as well as get an insight in how to set up supporting resources for teachers new to the process.

Creating Multi-touch Books with iBooks Author

Presenter:   Steve Papp & Liz Shenstone

Focus area: Teachers

User Level:  Intermediate

Please bring:  A Macbook with iBooks Author installed

This session will explore how to create amazing looking Multi-Touch books for iPads using iBooks Author on a Mac.

Staff from Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre will talk about their journey in the development of successful digital books. We will look at what worked, what failed and how you can publish content that is appropriate for your classroom and beyond.

Attendees will require their own Mac computer to participate fully in this workshop.

Digital Publishing: iBooks Author

Presenter:   Ray Nashar

Focus area: F-12, Tertiary, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Please bring:  Bring in your text, images, videos, slides and 3D objects. Please bring your own Mac with iBooks Author installed to this session.

Bring in your text, images, videos, slides and 3D objects and walk out with a Multi-Touch book (or a good part of one!). Spend time with Ray to start on the iBook you always wanted to build but never got around to. Make something for work or build a personal keepsake. Learn some neat tips and tricks and see examples of digital tools can deliver your message and connect with your readers in ways never before possible.

Digital Publishing: iTunes U

Presenter:   Ray Nashar

Focus area: F-12, Tertiary, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Please bring:  Bring in your text, images, videos, slides and 3D objects.

Essential items: iPad with the latest iOS and iTunesU app. Apple ID password.

Discover iTunes U and the just released new features, including homework hand-in, an integrated grade book, and private discussions. Bring your classroom together on iPad. Build a seamless course and organise your iPad classroom. See how simple it is to deliver lessons, grade assignments, and stay connected — all from your iPad.

Don't Worry be Appy!

Presenter:    Terry Jacka & Janelle Maurer

Focus area:  3-10

User Level:   Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

App:              Thinglink, Buddy Poke, QR code reader
Curating with "Thinglink". Creating with "Buddy Poke". See how we have used these apps to support productive pedagogy across grade levels, in Mathematics and other curriculum areas. Learn the 'how' the 'what' and the 'where' - that will enable you to incorporate these ideas into your daily practice.

Essential Power Apps

Presenter:    Deon Scanlon, Jenny Jongste & Rod Hysted

Focus area:  F-12, Tertiary, Teachers

User Level:   Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
What apps do you really need to make sure you have in your toolkit?  Come along to discover some of our favourites.

Evernote: The Ultimate Digital Workspace for Teachers & Students

Presenter:   Bec Spink

Focus area: 3-12, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Apps:           Evernote, Scannable, Skitch and Penultimate
There is more to Evernote than just taking notes. Evernote in the classroom creates an effective, organised, collaborative and productive digital workspace. During this session, participants will learn how Evernote can be used to plan and organise lesson materials, share with colleagues and students, create ongoing and dynamic student portfolios, curate and collect content and capture anecdotal assessment data. Participants will discover how to use Evernote to give students feedback on their work and how Evernote can be used as a collaborative tool for research, planning and group work. The session will demonstrate how not only teachers, but students use Evernote on a daily basis merging their paper and digital worlds to create the ultimate digital workspace.

To get the most out of the session participants will need to bring a device with Evernote installed and an account set up. In addition the Evernote suite of apps Scannable, Skitch and Penultimate should also be downloaded in advance.

Feedback tools to support learning

Presenter:   Deon Scanlon

Focus area: 3-12, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediat

Apps:          Foldr, Google Apps, Explain Everything, Edmodo

Providing quick and meaningful feedback to students is imperative to their learning - which means that teachers need tools to make it easy to get information to students using iPads.

This session is a brief demonstration of a number of tools for providing feedback in different forms, including: Foldr, Google Apps, Explain Everything and Edmodo.

Flipping Bugs

Presenter:   Steve Papp & Liz Shenstone

Focus area: F-12, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner

App:             iMotion        Optional:  iStopmotion
The Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre is a leader in the use of technology to support outdoor authentic learning.

Staff from the centre including Steve Papp ADE, Patrick Speirs and Liz Shenstone ADE have a rich experience in best practice technology integration that supports authentic learning both inside and outside the classroom.

During this session you will learn how to flip, how to investigate and to animate. Find out about a successful model used by the Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre for blending science, literacy and the meaningful use technology to support authentic learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

We will explore the use of flipped learning methodology including iTunes U and multitouch books. Most importantly participants will create documentaries and/or stop motion animations to support learning in the new Science Syllabus.

Kronkiwongi: Lego Movie Maker

Presenter:   Jenny Ashby

Focus area:  Creativity, Literacy, Maths

User Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Apps:          Lego Movie Maker

Everyone loves Lego and has some Lego.  Bring a container of Lego pieces ready to create and load up the Lego Movie Maker app.  Jenny will inspire you to use Lego in your classroom both in your maths and literacy programs. Oh, and have you seen a Kronkiwongi?

Maths Mojo - A toolbox for the Maths Classroom

Presenter:   Richard Lawler

Focus area: 7-12, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

App:            AirSketch Free, Educreations, Khan Academy, BaiBoard HD, Socrative Teacher, Socrative Student

In this session, participants will examine a number of apps and web tools that can be used specifically within the context of a Mathematics classroom. There will be an examination of the SAMR model of technology adoption, and how particular tools can be useful in moving the teaching pedagogy along this continuum.

It is recommended that participants have the free apps that are listed in order to maximise involvement in this session. In addition, the following paid-for apps will provide further opportunities (but are not essential): Explain Everything, WolframAlpha, AirSketch (free version is available).

Online Safety, It starts with you!

Presenter:   Ray Nashar

Focus area:  F-10, Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
A new interactive cyber safety program for students developed by Disney and the Australian Federal Police recently launched as part of Privacy Awareness Week. Co-authored by Ray, 'Online Safety, It Starts With You!' is a free course for primary schools to help teach students from Year 1-6 how to be safe online.

The course allows students to learn by doing without the risks, and encourages teachers, parents and students to share and discuss those experiences. Designed for interactive classrooms around Australia, the course includes a range of scenario-based learning activities and Multi-Touch books, and even a digital excursions for students.

'Online Safety, It Starts with You!' is available to download for free from iTunes U at!/id991962366

RE-engage, Re-ignite your RE Classroom

Presenter:   Jacinta Browning & Kevin Browning

Focus area:  F-6

User Level:  Beginner

Apps:           Chatterpix kids, Shadow puppet edu, Artset, Word collage, Book Creator, Tellagami, Tell about this, Good news bible, Pixlr, Over
As technology becomes a greater part of everyday life, it is only natural that it becomes a central and essential part of 21st century learning. Learners are already engaging extensively with technology in other subject areas and expect it to be used also in the RE classroom. This worshop will provide insight into how mobile technology applications (offered by the iPad) can be used by teachers of RE, highlighting opportunities for RE teachers to extend subject pedagogy linked to RE guidelines and ICT skills.

School Community Engagement Made Easy

Presenter:   Magdalene Mattson & Brett Salakas

Focus area: Teachers

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Apps:          Class Dojo, Remind
Communication between home and school should be fast, effective, engaging and purposeful. Unfortunately, too often it is difficult to achieve this without the burden being so great that it eats into teaching time.
Alas there is an easy solution...
This session will provide a range of apps to engage parents in student learning while providing easier solutions to facilitate communication between the classroom and home.

Shape of reading and writing has changed

Presenter:   Gayleen Jackson

Focus area: F-6

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate

Apps:          Book Creator, Showbie, Popplet (Lite is fine), Keynote, iMovie and a word cloud app such as Word Clouds by, Word Clouds or Word Salad

There are many devices available for reading texts, publishing, writing and collaborating with peers in non-traditional ways. In classrooms and homes we are using laptops, iPads, iPods, iPhones and Smartphones to compose multimedia and text.
The hands-on in this workshop will be creating a digital story / digital content creation.

The iPad Comes to life with Augmented Reality

Presenter:   Nathan Jones

Focus area: 3-10

User Level:  Intermediate, Advanced
This session will focus on the use of iPad and demonstrate how QR Codes and Augmented Reality (AR) have been implemented in a Co-educational Upper Primary class. In sharing this wonderful innovative technology, the session will focus on how to effectively use, integrate and deploy QR codes and Augmented Reality to engage students in writing and immerse them in numeracy. You will come away with a new and exciting way to use the iPad.

Using Google to enhance your teaching and learning

Presenter:   Jenny Jongste

Focus area:  P-12

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediat

Apps:           Google Drive, Google Docs, Google sheets, Google Slides, Google Classroom, Google photos

In this session we will explore how we can use the free Google apps to enhance communication and collaboration in our classrooms.  We will discuss what works well on a personal iPad and what works in a shared iPad scenario.  You will have the opportunity to create and share documents as well as discuss a range of workflow for a variety of classroom situations. 

Ways of Assessing student learning using an iPad

Presenter:   Nathan Jones

Focus area: 3-6

User Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Apps:          Socrative, QR reader, Nearpod, Tellagami and Explain Everything

This session will examine the use of an iPad as an assessment tool and how certain assessment apps can guide and produce formal student feedback. The session will examine how these apps can assist in teaching and learning for a variety of key learning areas. The session also covers: incorporating Apps such as Evernote, Nearpod and Socrative to determine student engagement and progress; analysing, recording and maintaining Assessment For Learning and feeding this back to students.

What a disaster! Australian Curriculum tackles disasters.

Presenter:   Kate Maccoll

Focus area: 3-10

User Level:  Beginner

Apps:           Disaster Alert (iOS/Android), Floodlines (iOS)
Australia is no stranger to natural disasters.  Disasters are featured in a number of Australian Curriculum Learning Areas, content descriptors and elaborations.  This session will look at a number of ways that mobile technology can redefine learning in these areas. 

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