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We have class sets of Ipods but have had students put on passwords which then becomes a pain for the next class. Has anyone got any ideas how to disable the password so students cannot put a password on the ipod. Or any suggestions on how other people are getting around this problem.


Craig Irvine

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Hi Craig,


I have had a student somehow put codes on all the ipods in one class and of course cant remember the codes.  It really needs to be over ridden by another code for parents.  I wonder if this is possible.  Takes a while to restore and add apps back. Restore from backup even takes a long time.


What did you end up doing about it?  I thnk more supervision by teachers in my case was needed.


Cheers from Jenny

I'm not sure if this would work or not, but maybe using the iPhone configuration utility to set Passcode restrictions.  You can't specify "no passcode" but I'm not sure that it forces you to put a passcode on either.  If you say that any passcode has to be long (16 characters) and complex, it might put off any student who tries to put a passcode on.

More likely, setting Passcode restrictions will probably just force a passcode to be put on it and so won't work.  It might be worth a shot though.


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