Lets get started by introducing yourselves.  Where are you from and what do you do? 

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I'd be delighted! I am working on a couple of posts about the conference as well. I'm really looking forward to Anne Mirtchin and Marg Murnane getting back, so we can start planning an iPod program in the secondary school. Tyna George, our new prep teacher from UK, has been doing some great work with iPods in her room, but the secondary's haven't had much of a go yet.
Hi Trish here ... I teach in a mid size gov't primary in Ballarat. I'm currently in an acting leading tchr role in IT. 
I'd love to explore and incorporate mobile tech in my classroom and across our school. 
Keen to learn. @ptoosh on twitter. 
HI, I'm Catriona. I teach Science at Shepp High. I'm into any ICT integration I can get and satisfy this promiscuous urge by attending any pds i can, continually annoying colleagues about stuff they do and trawling for web 2 stuff on the internet. I try to integrate when i can and love the response i get back from the kids. Otherwise I cook, draw, make stuff, listen to music and tend to watch the same movies teenage boys do (oh dear).

Really glad to be here!
Hi guys,
I thoroughly enjoyed the slide2learn event at shepp, well done. I think though you have overlooked contacting me and telling me I was lucky enough to win an ipod.... !!

I'm at Wangaratta High and am teaching year 11 and 12 maths and chem. I was impressed to discover fastfinga - finally something I can use immediately with these classes, ie an inout method that allows symbols!

I don't own an ipod, and once they put a camera in a touch i'm sold. I hate having to carry more than is really necessary and thinking I need a photo taking/video recording device as well as the very adaptable ipod leaves me a little disappointed. Hopefully they will do this....
So now the iPod has a camera are you lining up to buy one?
Hi everyone
I have just joined this ning. I teach at Xavier College, Kew (Senior Campus) and co-ordinate RE. I have been experimenting with ICT tools for several years- wikis and podcasts. I loved the Slide2Learn Conference and am keen to try out some of the apps I have learnt about!
Is Martin Gregory at Xavier (can't remember if it is Xavier or Trinity!!) If so, say Hi! for me. I used to work with him in Sale.
Hi everyone! I am the ICT coordinator and also teach computers and maths at Deniliquin High School in rural NSW. All of our year 9 & 10 students have laptops and I am looking at using mobile devices at year 7 and 8. I am a great believer in what technology can do to motivate and provide individualised learning for our students. I am an avid user of moodle and am always happy to share.

I got some great manage and app ideas from slide2learn and Shep and thank everyone for their suggestions and advice.

Cheers, Meagan.
I'm from Xavier College Senior Campus in Kew. I co-ordinate Year 9 annd 10 Religious Education and do a lot of experimenting with podcasts, wikis etc, trying to get students and teachers to try them.
Hi Bernadette - welcome to the Ning! Look forward to your input.
Hi, I'm Kathy Payne, teaching Japanese at St James Lutheran College in Hervey Bay QLD. Have been using ipods for Japanese this year as a way of engaging students with LOTE. I'm interested in networking with other Japanese teachers to share ideas, advice and experience.
Welcome Kathy...have met some guys from up your way...I'm not a Japanese teacher, but I do have some ideas?


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